November 20, 2011 Meeting, 6:30 p.m.


Review and Approval of August 28, 2011 Meeting Minutes– Joel Weidner

Leadership Reports

Pastor’s Report – Marv Friesen

Elders Report – Fran Osseo-Asare

The elders continue to meet monthly to support the pastor and consider pastoral and spiritual needs within UMC. Recent discussions included: making sure small support groups help meet transportation needs of individuals, such as transportation to and from church and related events for aging or car-less attenders at UMC; reflections on the “state of the church” at UMC (our comfort zones, our prophetic voice, our relevance, our ministering to each other and to those outside of our group, etc.); specific health issues and other special needs among members; how to best approach the topic of sexuality in an upcoming series of sermons and classes; the various ministries in which our members engage. We continue to encourage any attenders to approach any elder or request attending an elders’ meeting if they have issues or concerns they would like to have addressed.

Congregational Chair Report – Joel Weidner

Nursery Space Discussion

Sanctuary Seating Options Discussion

Church Communications Discussion

Out of the Cold Centre County Updates

Pastor Review

By-Laws Committee Updates

Volunteers Needed

Jr. MYF Sponsors

Vacation Bible School Coordinator for 2012

Bridge of Hope Representative

Financial review of last year’s church records

Committee and Representative Reports

Finance Committee – Jim Rosenberger

Revised Budget Proposal

Income and Expense Report

Balance Sheet Report

Worship Committee – report provided by Naomi Smith

Anabaptist Student Ministry – report provided by Karl Bartsch

Fellowship Committee – report provided by Elaine Mercer

Ghana Mission Partnership Committee – Laura Litwiller

Other Business