Church Directory

We maintain a pictorial directory of UMC community members. The directory can be accessed online via the web or a smart phone app (Apple or Android). You can view the directory on the web or download a PDF copy to keep locally or to print. To protect the privacy of information in the directory, only persons who are part of the directory are granted access to the online version. The directory includes:

  • First and last names of all family members in household
  • Anniversary date (for couples) and birth dates for all family members
  • Home (shared) phone number and email (if applicable)
  • Individual phone number and email for all family members (if applicable)
  • Brief summary of interests, work
  • Family/Individual picture

All who are actively engaged in our church are welcome to become part of the directory.

Becoming part of the directory

Steps to be added to the directory

  1. Add your information to the directory by completing the online Google Form. Fill out as much information as needed. There is space to add adults and children. There is also a link where you can add upload a family photo.
  2. Once you complete the form, our directory administrator will add your information into the directory and let you know via email when that is complete.

Complete the online form here: online Google Form

Accessing the Directory

Note: You must have a valid email address listed in the current directory to gain access to the directory (your email will be your user ID for access).

Access the directory for the first time via the Instant Church Directory website or by downloading the Android or iOS smart phone app, Instant Church Directory. The first time you use the site/app, you will need to verify your email address that is in the directory and choose a password.

Via a Web Browser

The directory can be accessed online at

Note: The first time you visit the site, you must first create an accounting by going to

  1. Enter you email that you provided for the directory and choose a password
  2. Click on the Request Login button
  3. The directory will be displayed

If you forget your password, you can reset it by going to

On Your Android, Apple Phone or Tablet

Access the directory by downloading the Instant Church Directory app by clicking on the appropriate image below for your device, or by searching for Instant Church Directory in your app store.

Link to Apple App Store for Instant Church Directory
Link to Google Play Store for Instant Church Directory

Updating the directory

You can submit updates to the directory, including an updated picture at any time on the website or mobile app.

  • On the website – Choose Edit My Family from the menu on the top upper right. Submit any changes.
  • On the app – Choose the menu (3 horizontal bars) in the upper left and select Edit My Family and submit any changes.

Changes are reviewed by the directory administrator before they are published.

PDF Copy for Downloading and Printing

Request a PDF copy of the directory by contacting Joel Weidner (