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Peace and Justice as a Way of Life

University Mennonite Church joins with other historic peace churches in protesting the violence and militarism of our society as well as the heavy dependence of our government on military might to deter aggression among nations. We believe that the scriptures call us to missions of peace and justice and that the poor and marginalized are often victims of violence and injustice.

I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you welcomed me.Mennonites are committed to the biblical vision of peacemaking. We are motivated by God’s reconciling love and grace, human need and a concern for justice. Because of our faith in Christ and in humankind, we must apply our humble efforts to the construction of a more just and humane world. And we declare emphatically such a world is possible. To create this new society, we must present outstretched, friendly hands, without hatred, without rancor – even as we show great determination, never wavering in the defense of truth and justice. Because we know that seeds are not sown with clenched fists. To sow we must open our hands. (text from Mennonite Central Committee web site)

We support a variety of national and local ministries. 

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