Recent Updates

Solar Panel Installation Completed

The installation of 75 solar panels on our meetinghouse roof was completed on May 3, 2023. On May 31 the system was connected to the electrical grid and started generating power. The panels have an expected life-span of 30-40 years and are warranted for 25 years.

During the summer we have been generating about 120 kWh per day (at $.12/kWh that equates to about $14 a day). The panels have helped us reduce our carbon footprint by about 2.7 tons C02 per month during the summer! We are creating more electricity than we use during the summer and are banking those credits for the winter when our electrical needs are greater due to heating.

The total cost of the installation was $56,150 and we received a $25,000 grant from West Penn Power and a $4,000 grant from the Everence Mennonite Church Create Care Network. 

Other Less Recent Work

  • Installed additional insulation in Meetinghouse roof
  • Installed and maintain bike racks at Meetinghouse
  • Completed an energy audit of our Meetinghouse to identify points of excessive energy use.
  • Initiated process of converting to all LED lighting
  • Installed programable thermostat (Meetinghouse is now heated up to 70 degrees from before 7 am on Sunday and then the heat is shut off. This avoids period of peak electric demand and highest electricity costs.)
  • Converted some of the Meetinghouse lawn to raised garden beds, offering them to landless individuals who have resettled into our community
  • Maintain flower gardens at the Meetinghouse that attract pollinators
  • Solicited and are evaluating bids for a more efficient ‘heat pump’ heating system and solar panels to make the meetinghouse a Net-Zero electric consumer
  • Use porcelain mugs, plates, and silverware instead of Styrofoam or plastic during coffee time and fellowship meals.
  • Compost coffee grounds and organic waste generated from fellowship meals
  • Recycle Sunday Bulletins and all other paper, aluminum and glass.
  • Offer the meetinghouse as a distribution point for local CSA
  • Developed proposal for a NET ZERO ENERGY proposal for our meetinghouse

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