To follow Jesus Christ faithfully, we are called to:

  • enrich our private and public worship through prayer and study of scriptures.
  • plan our public worship so that both host and visitor will be drawn into the presence of God.
  • offer all that we are and have to God.

To grow as a community of grace, joy and love we want to:

  • teach our children, youth and adults the way of Christ.
  • provide the means for fellowship, mutual aid, mutual counsel and sharing of concerns and joys.
  • practice hospitality through acceptance, openness and forgiveness that transcends our differences and heals our brokenness.
  • call and nurture persons who can lead the congregation in its vision.

To live as people of healing and hope we are committed to:

  • invite unbelievers to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • witness to the nonviolent love of Jesus Christ in our homes, work, neighborhoods, and the world.
  • serve the needy in the name of Christ both locally and around the world.
  • provide a ministry of hospitality to students at Penn State University.
  • join in partnership for mission with a congregation from another country.

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