Our church building is located at 1606 Norma Street (near the Ramada Inn on South Atherton and Tussey View Park). The church moved to this building in 2007. We share a parking lot with the Nittany Valley Charter school. Parking is available in the lot and on Norma Street and E Marylyn Avenue. There are two entrances to the building. One is located on Norma Street and has a convenient driveway for drop offs and a chairlift for wheelchair access to both levels. The second entrance is located off the parking lot.

The sanctuary, pastor’s study, and nursery are located on the upper level. The lower level includes our fellowship hall, classrooms, library, and kitchen. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on both levels. Our sanctuary is air conditioned.

AccessibilityNorma Street View of Church Building

Wheelchair icon

Our building is wheelchair accessible to all levels via a chairlift located at the Norma street entrance. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on the sanctuary level (next to the pastor’s study) and on the fellowship hall level (next to the kitchen). Ask an usher or greeter for assistance with the chairlift.

Hearing Assist icon

Headsets are available in the sanctuary at the sound desk (to the left of main sanctuary entrance). Each headset has an ear piece and you are also welcome to bring your own headset with an 1/8″ headphone jack. If you need assistance using the headsets ask an usher, greeter, or someone at the sound table.