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University Mennonite Church maintains a list of items that community members have offered to share with others. Communal sharing is a great way save money, help others, and reduce your environmental impact.

The list includes tools, recreational equipment, and even vehicles.

Click on the link below to view the list. If you would like to add items that you own that you are willing to share with others, contact Marvin Hall.

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WheelbarrowLawn and GardenMary Derstein, Halls, Rosenbergers, Widemans
Garden Dump WagonLawn and GardenWeidners
Chipper shredderLawn and GardenMary Derstein
Sprayer, 2 gallonLawn and GardenMary Derstein
Power washerLawn and GardenMary Derstein
Post hole digger (hand)Lawn and GardenHalls
ShovelsLawn and GardenHalls
Spud bar (digging iron)Lawn and GardenHalls, Weidners
Sledge hammer (10 lb)Lawn and GardenHalls
Leaf blower, backbackLawn and GardenHalls
Electric Leaf Blower (plug in)Lawn and GardenWeidners
Weed whacker, 2-cycleLawn and GardenHalls
Weed wacker, electricLawn and GardenWidemans
Saw, chain (18 inch blade)Lawn and GardenHalls
Lawn mower, push reelLawn and GardenWeidners
AxeLawn and GardenHalls
Tree pruner (extendable to 12 ft)Lawn and GardenHalls, Weidners
Saw, bowLawn and GardenHalls, Weidners
Garden tools, assortedLawn and GardenRosenbergers, Weidners
Utility Trailer 4'x8' (1 and 7/8" ball hitch)Lawn and GardenHalls
Hand truck (dolly)MiscellaneousMary Derstein, Mercer-Bratt
Piano dollyMiscellaneousHalls
Air compressorShop and GarageHalls
Wrenches, EnglishShop and GarageHalls
Wrenches, MetricShop and GarageHalls
Drive socket sets 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4" Shop and GarageHalls
Drive socket set, US and MetricShop and GarageWeidners
Nail guns (large nails and finish nails)Shop and GarageHalls
Stapler eclecticShop and GarageWeidners
Saw, tableShop and GarageHalls
Saw, chopShop and GarageHalls, Weidners
JointerShop and GarageHalls
Drill pressShop and GarageHalls, Weidners
Hand Held Drill/Driver (cordless)Shop and GarageWeidners
Hand Held Variable Speed Drill (cordless)Shop and GarageWeidners
Jig saw (portable and bench)Shop and GarageHalls
Sander, belt (table top, but portable)Shop and GarageWeidners
Sander, belt hand heldShop and GarageWeidners
SawzallShop and GarageKeparts, Halls, Weidners
Saw horsesShop and GarageHalls
Stud finderShop and GarageHalls, Weidners
Circuit breaker finderShop and GarageHalls
Angle grinderShop and GarageKeparts
Pipe threading tools (1/2" - 1")Shop and GarageHalls
Copper pipe plumbing supplies: torch, flux, pipe cutter, solder, etc.Shop and GarageWeidners
Pipe wrenches 12", 18", 24" Shop and GarageHalls
Pop rivet gunShop and GarageHalls, Weidners
Wood clamps (assorted lengths)Shop and GarageHalls, Weidners
Bolt cuttersShop and GarageHalls
Floor jack, 2.5 tonShop and GarageHalls
Hydraulic jack, 5 tonShop and GarageHalls
Meter, Amp/volt/ohmShop and GarageHalls, Weidners
Trickle charger, 6-12 voltShop and GarageHalls
Wire strippers, 10-18 guageShop and GarageHalls
Steel tape for fishing wires inside a wallShop and GarageWeidners
Ladders, step 3', 6' and 15' Shop and GarageHalls
Ladder, 30' aluminum extensionShop and GarageHalls
Guitars (acoustic, electric, bass)RecreationalMercer-Bratt
Camera, Cannon 35 mm digital SLR, wide angle and telephoto lensesRecreationalWeidners
Canoes (5) with paddles and PFDsRecreationalHalls
Canoe with paddles and PFDsRecreationalRosenbergers
Kayaks (2), 16 ft with paddles and PFDsRecreationalHalls
Canoe/kayak trailer, 8 ft (holds 8) (1 and 7/8" ball hitch)RecreationalHalls
Camping supplies (tent, sleeping pads, etc..)RecreationalWidemans, Halls
BackpackRecreationalWidemans, Halls
Backpacking stoveRecreationalWidemans, Halls, Weidners
Coleman two burner camp stoveRecreationalWeidners
Tent, 2 personRecreationalHalls
Tent, 4 personRecreationalWeidners
Hiking polesRecreationalWidemans
Child hiking carrierRecreationalWidemans
Bikes (various types and sizes)RecreationalHalls
Bike trailer, DoubleRecreationalWidemans
Bike seat, childs, singleRecreationalWidemans
Bike rack for car (strap on type)RecreationalHalls
Bike rack, 2" rear hitch (2 bikes)RecreationalWeidners
Bike rack, 2" rear hitch (4 bikes)RecreationalHalls
Coffee maker, KeurigKitchen and EntertainingMercer-Bratt
Coffee urn, 60 cup stainless steel Kitchen and EntertainingMercer-Bratt
Ice cream maker (hand crank)Kitchen and EntertainingRosenbergers
Ice Cream maker (electric)Kitchen and EntertainingHalls, Weidners
Punch bowls (2) one is stainless silverKitchen and EntertainingRosenbergers
Food deep fryerKitchen and EntertainingWidemans
Fondue setKitchen and EntertainingWidemans
Food ProcessorKitchen and EntertainingWeidners
Knife Sharpener (electric)Kitchen and EntertainingWeidners
Pack and play with sheetsBaby ItemsWidemans
Computer Projector (portable)OfficeUMC Office