In-Person Worship with Zoom

Click here to request the Zoom meeting link information.

Protocols for our in-person gatherings

Updated June 20, 2022

  • As long as Centre County is in the Low Community level for COVID-19, masks are recommended but not required for attendance in church. We’ll update the status in our bulletin each Sunday.
  • We continue to welcome those on Zoom who are unable to attend in person
    Click here to request the Zoom meeting link information.
  • You are asked to stay home and worship with us on Zoom if you do not feel well
  • In-person attenders are encouraged to socialize outdoors after the worship service.

We realize this time is stressful and challenging. We are people of God’s peace; people of God’s grace. Let us continue to offer this abundant grace to one another as we step into new ways of being the Body together.

During the pandemic we have been gathering for worship each Sunday morning with a combination of Zoom only, and hybrid worship (in-person and Zoom). Our services usually last about 40-50 minutes. One unexpected blessed during this time of remote worship is to be able to have friends and family from across the state, country, and the world, join us for our worship. We regularly have worshipers joining us from Lancaster, Illinois, California, South Africa, Ghanna, and Democratic Reublic of Congo. We hope to keep our in-person worship vibrant and inclusive, using some meaningful components we’ve picked up during our time on Zoom.

We invite you to join us as well! You don’t have to be a member and you are always welcome whenever you can come. To request the Zoom meeting link, click here. You’re welcome to show up in-person or on Zoom in whatever style is comfortable for you. We encourage you to have your video on with Zoom, but if you prefer to be off-camera that’s fine as well. We’re pretty casual.

In addition to Zoom recordings, we digitally record our sharing time and you can listen to audio recordings on this website.

What’s Worship Like?

Worship is an integral part of the life of University Mennonite Church-a time set aside to meet with God both individually and as a community. A lay worship leader plans and participates in each Sunday’s worship service and works with our worship coordinator, Ben Wideman to create a rich worship experience with music, videos, and live interactions. Volunteers help with leading children’s time, reading scripture, or maybe sharing their voice in other ways. You can view our church worship bulletins here.

Prelude Video

The prelude video includes pictures and videos of how those in the UMC family spent the last week and is accompanied by music. You can be part of the prelude by emailing your pictures and videos to our worship coordinator, Ben Wideman at

Lighting the Peace Lamp

During the pandemic we’ve learned to create a rich worship experience using Zoom with music, videos, and live community interaction. As we’ve moved back into our building with hybrid services that include Zoom, we strive to find ways to connect with and create meaningful worship for all.

Near the beginning of each service, the worship leader lights a lamp or candle and offers a prayer for peace in our community and the world.

Offering Prayer

We believe that all things come from God and we see ourselves as stewards of these resources. We encourage all to continue to support the church as you can. Click here to see how to donate to the church.

Children’s time

We value the children in our congregation and take time during each Sunday morning service for a special time for children. Sometimes children’s time is i-person and sometimes it may be pre-recorded.

Hearing the Word – Scriptures and Sermon

Each Sunday we have a scripture reading, usually including passages from both the Old and New Testaments. The sermon is preached by our pastor Kate, or by guest speakers from within the congregation, the local community, or the broader faith community. Sometimes the sermons are live and sometimes they have been previously recorded. You can view text of many of pastor Kate’s sermons HERE.

Music and Singing

Music and singing has always been an integral part of our worship. After taking time off during COVID we’ve begun singing again with our masks on. We also incorporate recorded music into our worship.

Sharing joys and concerns/prayer

As a community of faith, we believe it’s important to share our lives with one another. During this open time of sharing, anyone in the congregation is invited to stand and share a joy, testimony, concern, or prayer request. Ushers will provide a handheld microphone for sharing so that all may hear. Those joining us on Zoom are also welcome to unmute themselves and share (when you share those in the sanctuary will see you on Zoom). After sharing, our pastor or one of our elders offers a prayer. Note: To protect privacy, the sharing time is removed from recordings publicly shared on our web site and on YouTube.

Introduction of Visitors

We are always happy to have visitors worshiping with us. During the time for introductions, if you are comfortable, we invite you to let us know who you are and where you’re from.