November 16, 2014 Meeting, 6:30 p.m.

Opening Devotions – Rick Stehouwer

Review and Approval of August 24, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Review and Approval of October 19, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Leadership Reports

Chair’s Report – Rick Stehouwer

Pastor’s Report – Marv Friesen

Elders Report – Dale Kephart and Krista Weidner

Finance Committee Report – Jim Rosenberger

Balance Sheet Report – fiscal year-to-date

Income and Expense vs. Budget – fiscal year-to-date

Income and Expense by Class – fiscal year-to-date

3rd Way Collective Report – Ben Wideman

Campus Ministry Advisory Committee Report Rosita Benner Derstine and Joel Weidner

Discernment process on LGBTQ inclusion – Rick Stehouwer

Review of process to date

Description of beliefs survey

Next steps

Action Items/Proposals

Chair elect vote

Congregational meeting times proposal

Fall retreat


Fellowship Committee Report – Elaine Mercer

Worship Committee Report – Gloria Horst Rosenberger

Safe Sanctuary Update

Meeting House Committee

Other Business