August 30, 2015 Meeting, 11 a.m. (after worship)

Opening Devotions – Rick Stehouwer

Review and Approval of May 17 meeting minutes

2015-16 Church Positions (affirmed at May 17 meeting)

Leadership Reports

Chair’s Report – Rick Stehouwer

Pastor’s Report – Marv Friesen

Elders’ Report – Krista Weidner

Campus Ministry Report

3rd Way Collective and Advisory Committee – Ben Wideman, Rosita Benner Derstine and Joel Weidner

Finance Committee

Treasurer’s Report – Jim Rosenberger

Balance Sheet

Income and Expense vs. Budget

Income and Expense by Class

Action Items/Proposals

Pastor’s sabbatical leave proposal – Marv Friesen

Support for Jake Smucker’s MVS position – Evelyn Bartsch

Donation to Nittany Valley Charter School for parking lot paving – Rick Stehouwer

Fall retreat decision for 2016 – Rick Stehouwer

Retreat Decision Options

Retreat Options Survey

Retreat Option Data

Budget proposal for 2015 – 2016 fiscal year – Jim Rosenberger

Committee Reports

Worship Committee Report – Gloria Horst Rosenberger

Ghana Partnership Report – Fran Osseo-Asare

Fellowship Committee Report – Elaine Mercer

Meetinghouse Committee – Doug Yoder


Post Meeting Report Distribution

Fellowship Committee Report

Parking Lot Paving Information


Maps and Diagrams



Appendix-B Runoff

Approved Budget with Modifications from Meeting