May 19, 2019 Meeting, 6:30 pm

Opening Devotions – Karen Rath

Review and Approval of February 17 Meeting Minutes

Gifts Discernment of Volunteer Positions 2019-20


Add Volunteers

Affirm Volunteers

Budget Process

Treasurer’s Report

Balance Sheet

Income & Expenses vs Budget

Income & Expenses by Class

3rd Way Collective Financial Report

Proposed Budget 2019-20


Motion and Vote for Budget

Approved Budget 2019-20

New Business

Closing Hymn


These reports will not be presented at the meeting, but are here for your information:

Pastor’s Report – Kate Heinzel

Campus Pastor’s Report — Ben Wideman

Chair’s Report – Karen Rath

Fellowship Committee Report – Elaine Mercer

Ghana Partnership Committee Report — Fran Osseo-Asare