UMC Email and Web Sharing List

UMC maintains a Google Group for email and online congregational sharing. You must be a member of the group to share information with others in the group. Once you are a member of the group you can share with others in the group simply by sending an email.

Subscribing to the Sharing List

Join the sharing listRequest to join group by sending an email to

Once approved by the group administrator, you will be added to the list and receive a confirming email.

How Sharing Works

You can share with the group by sending an email to If you have multiple email addresses, you must be sure to send the email from the email account that is a member of group. If you try to send from an email account that is not a member of the group, your message will not be distributed to others in the group.

The sharing group can be used for the following types of messages:

  • Prayer requests and other personal sharing
  • UMC announcements
  • Community announcements related to the mission of UMC

Sharing in the group should have broad appeal to the general UMC community. Messages that are meant for a specific person or group of recipients should be sent directly to those persons–not the group.

Replying to Messages Received from the Sharing Group

When you receive an email from the group you can reply to just the person who sent the email by using Reply or you can reply to everyone in the group by using Reply to All. Remember that sending to the group sends an email to about 100 individuals. Please use Reply to All only if your reply is meant for the entire group and not just the original sender. In most cases, replying just to the original sender is the appropriate choice. Before you reply to all, make sure you really intend for your response to go to everyone. It’s generally a good practice, with any email communication, to double check the recipients in the To: field of your message before you click Send, making sure your message is going to only your intended recipients.