May 20, 2018 Meeting, 6:30 pm

Opening Devotions – Karen Rath

Review and Approval of February 18 Meeting Minutes

Review and Approval of May 13 Meeting Minutes

Gifts Discernment of 2018-19 Volunteer Positions


Add Volunteers

Affirm Volunteers

Budget Process

Treasurer’s Report

Balance Sheet

Income & Expenses vs Budget

Income & Expense by Class

UMC Budget 2018-19 Draft


Proposed Bylaws Change


Proposed Covenant Changes



Final Collection of Ballots for Kate Heinzel

Closing Hymn


These reports will not be presented at the meeting, but are here for your information:

Chair’s Report – Karen Rath

Elders’ Report – Gloria Horst Rosenberger

3rd Way Collective Campus Ministry Report– Ben Wideman

Fellowship Committee Report – Elaine Mercer

Children and Youth Program Committee Report — Bethany Spicher Schonberg