University Mennonite Church

Agenda for Congregational Meeting

Sunday,  September 11, 2022

Zoom meeting, 6:30 pm


  1. Affirm slate of volunteers for  Sept 2022- August 2023  – list attached to the email
  1. Presentation and approval of annual budget for Sept 2022-August 2023
  1. Review and affirm proposal from Leadership Team to modify sabbatical leave guidelines to enable pastor to take earned leave in smaller blocks of time, such as three weeks annually, rather than only as a three-month interval. 
  1. Discussion regarding purchase of new hymnal, “Voices Together”. 

Shall we purchase them, and if so,  how might we pay for them ?

  1. Discussion on how to move forward with plans to use funds received from AMC (approximately $30,000)  related to the sale of the International Guest House.   The Leadership Team recommends creation of an ad hoc committee to invite suggestions and develop recommendations.