Forms Due by May 13

Every year at this time we embark on a discernment of gifts process to fill all the positions needed to keep our church community functioning. Paul wrote about how each member of the body has been given gifts that we should use to support the community and likened the Christian community to the human body in which every member is critical and none more important than another. In this spirit each of us prayerfully discern what are our gifts and what are the gifts of others in the UMC community.

The linked UMC Vol Positions revised 2020 form (see end of document)  can be downloaded and used to volunteer. The linked UMC Job Descriptions 2020 is a short job description of each position. Please consider volunteering for positions and also encourage others to volunteer for positions you think they are well suited for. Completing this gifts discernment process and filling our roster of positions will be more challenging than usual during this time of sheltering at home and social distancing. But to keep our UMC community functioning during this time, it may also be more important than ever.

Volunteer positions whose duties are scheduled on a weekly basis (worship leader, children’s time leader, song leader, etc.) are listed following the committee that coordinates the scheduling. Please note that to volunteer for one of these scheduled duty positions you do not have to be a member of the respective coordinating committee.

Please volunteer for positions by typing your name in the appropriate cells in the attached Word document. If you have spoken to someone else about filling a position, and they have agreed, you may also enter their name for that position. Please return your volunteer and nomination form to Rick Stehouwer ( by May 13. Rather than completing the form you may also simply send Rick an email listing the positions you are volunteering for.

UMC Leadership Team

Volunteer Form

To download form click on the Download link below (lower left of preview pane).