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This lending library is a list of books that UMC members own that they are willing to loan out. If you find a book you are interested in, contact the lender directly to ask to borrow it. If you have books you’re willing to loan, just send the book title and author to Krista Weidner.

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Alexie, Sherman
Indian Killer
Jean Landis
Angelou, MayaGather Together in My NamefictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Angelou, MayaThe Heart of a WomanfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
AuthorTitleTypeLender NameLender EmailLinkDate Added
Baldwin, JamesNotes of a Native SonnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Baldwin, JamesAnother CountryfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Becker, A. J. (2018)White picket fences: Turning toward love in a world divided by privilegenonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
Bell, DerrickAnd We Are Not Saved: The Elusive Quest for Racial JusticenonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/22/2021
Bennett, Jr. LeroneBefore the Mayflower: A History of the Negro in America 1619-1964nonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Berryman, P. (1986)Liberation theology: The essential facts about the revolutionary movement in Latin America and beyond nonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
Bradley, DavidThe Chaneysville IncidentfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Branch, TaylorParting the Waters: America in the King Years, 1954-1963nonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Brown, DeeBury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American WestnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Bullard, Robert D. (ed.)The Black Metropolis in the 21st Century: Race, Power and the Politics of PlacenonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Campolo, T. (1991)Wake up, America!: Answering God's call while living in the real worldnonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
Channing Brown, AustinI'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for WhitenessnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Channing Brown, AustinI'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for WhitenessnonfictionKrista Weidnerkristaweidner@outlook.com2/17/2021
Cleaver, EldridgeSoul on IcenonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Coates, Ta-NehisiBetween the World and MenonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Coates, Ta-NehisiThe Water DancerfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Cole, DavidNo Equal Justice: Race and Class in the American Legal SystemnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Cole, Jonetta B.All American Women: Lines that Divide, Ties that BindnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Collins, Julia C. (Edited by William L. Andrews and Mitch Kachun)The Curse of Caste or The Slave Bride: A Rediscovered African American NovelfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Cone, J.H. (1970)A Black theology of liberationnonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
Crafts, Hannah (Edited by Henry Louis Gates)The Bondsman's Narrative: A NovelfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Davies, Susan E. and Sister Paul Teresa Hennessee (eds.)Ending Racism in the ChurchnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
DeYoung, Curtiss Paul, Michael O. Emerson, George Yancy, and Karen Chai KimUnited by Faith: The Multiracial Congregation as an Answer to the Problem of RacenonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Drake, St. Clair and Horace R. ClaytonBlack Metropolis: A Study of Negro Life in a Northern City, Vol. 2nonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Ellison, RalphInvisible Man, 2nd ed.fictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Ellison, RalphJuneteenthfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Emerson, Michael O. and Christian SmithDivided by Faith: Evangelical Religion and the Problem of Race in AmericanonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Essed, PhilomenaEveryday RacismnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Fanon, FrantzBlack Skins, White MasksnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Frankenberg, RuthThe Social Construction of Whiteness: White Women, Race MattersnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Frederickson, George M.The Arrogance of Race: Historical Perspectives on Slavery, Racism, and Social InequalitynonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Gates, Henry Louis (ed.)Reading Black, Reading Feminist: A Critical AnthologynonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Giddings, PaulaWhere and When I Enter: The Impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in AmericanonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Goldberg, David Theo (ed.)Anatomy of RacismnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Greene, Melissa FayPraying for Sheetrock: A Work of Non-FictionnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Grimsrud, T. and Johns, L., ed. (2000)Peace and justice shall embrace: power and the politics in the Bible: Essays in honor of Millard LindnonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
Haley, AlexThe Autobiography of Malcom XnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Hart, G. I. (2016)Trouble I've seen: Changing the way the church views racismnonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
Haynes, MelindaMother of PearlfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Hinton, Anthony RayThe Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life, Freedom and JusticenonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
hooks, bellTalking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking BlacknonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
hooks, bellKilling Rage: Ending RacismnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
hooks, bellWhere We Stand: Class MattersnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Horne, JedDesire Street: A True Story of Death and Deliverance in New OrleansnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
House, H.W. and Yoder, J.H. 1991)The death penalty debate: Two opposing views of capital punishmentnonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
Hunter, Hebert M. and Sameer Abrahams (eds.)Race, Class, and the World System: The Sociology of Oliver C. CoxnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Jones, Sabrina and Marc MaurerRace to Incarcerate: A Graphic RetellingnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Jordan, C. and Doulos, W. (1969?)Cotton patch parables of liberationnonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
Kachun, MitchFestivals of Freedom: Memory and Meaning in African American Emanicipations Celebrations, 1808-1915nonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Kelly, MikeColorlines: The Troubled Dreams of Racial Harmony in an American TownnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Kendi, Ibram X.Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in AmericanonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Kendi, Ibram X.How to Be an AntiracistnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
King, LarryConfessions of a White RacistnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
King, MelChain of Change: Struggles for Black Community DevelopmentnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Loeb, P. (1999)Soul of a citizen: Living with conviction in a cynical timenonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
Lourde, AudreSister OutsidernonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Maclean, Brian D. and Dragan Milovanovic (eds.)Racism, Empiricism and Criminal JusticenonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Marsh, C. (1999)God's long summer: Stories of faith and civil rightsnonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
Matthiessen, PeterIn the Spirit of Crazy HorsenonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Mauer, Marc (1999)Race to incarcerate: The sentencing projectnonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
McBride, J. (1997)The color of water: A Black man's tribute to his white mothernonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
McBride, JamesThe Good Lord BirdfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
McKissack, Patricia and Frederick McKissackSojourner Truth: Ain't I a Woman?for younger readersJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
McPherson, James M.The Negro's Civil War: How American Negros Felt and Acted during the War from the UnionnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
McWhorter, DianeA Dream of Freedom: The Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to 1968nonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Mellon, James (ed.)Bullwhip Days: The Slaves Remember: An Oral HistorynonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Millender, Dharathula H.Crispus Attucks: Black Leader of Colonial Patriotsfor younger readersJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Morrison, ToniThe Bluest EyefictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Morrison, ToniSong of SolomonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Morrison, ToniBelovedfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Mullen, T.J. (1966)The ghetto of indifferencenonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
O'Reilly, KennethRacial Matters: The FBI's Secret File on Black America, 1960-1972nonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Patton, SandraBirth Marks: Transracial Adoption in Contemporary AmericanonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Peart, Norman AnthonySeparate No More: Understanding and Developing Racial Reconciliation in Your ChurchnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Petry, AnnThe StreetfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Reddy, Maureen T. (ed.)Everyday Acts Against Racism: Raising Children in a Multiracial WorldnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Reid, Kathryn Goering and Stephen Beck ReidUncovering RacismnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Stampp, Kenneth M.The Peculiar Institution: Slavery in the Antibellum SouthnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Stevenson, Bryan Just MercynonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Styron, WilliamThe Confessions of Nat TurnerfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Tutu, D. (2005)God has a dream: A vision of hope for our timenonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
Van Ausdale, Debra and Joe R. FeaginThe First R: How Children Learn Race and RacismnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Walker, AliceIn Love & TroublefictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Ward, JesmynSalvage the BonesfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Washington, Booker T.Up from SlaverynonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Weaver, J.D. (2001)The nonviolent atonement.nonfictionUMC Librarydersteim@gmail.com2/17/2021
White, TimothyCatch a Fire: The Life of Bob MarleynonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Whitehead, ColsonThe Underground RailroadfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Whitehead, ColsonThe Nickel BoysfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Wiencek, HenryThe Hairstons: An American Family in Black and WhitenonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Wilkerson, IsabelThe Warmth of Other SunsnonfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Wright, RichardUncle Tom's ChildrenfictionJean Landisjmlandis2000@yahoo.com2/16/2021
Lemon, DonThis Is the FirenonfictionGloria Horst Rosenbergerghr4870@gmail.com6/20/2021

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